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In the most recent update, “Digit” emerges as a bipedal marvel from the innovative labs of Agility Robotics. This highly versatile robot is meticulously engineered to execute a myriad of tasks, prominently featuring applications in delivery and logistics. Standing at approximately human size, Digit boasts advanced sensors and an extensive range of motion, empowering it to skillfully navigate intricate environments. Positioned within the burgeoning realm of robotics, Digit signifies a pivotal stride towards integrating robots seamlessly into real-world scenarios, particularly alongside human counterparts. Its development underscores a promising trajectory in robotics and automation, fostering a landscape where human-robot collaboration becomes increasingly prevalent. It’s essential to note that subsequent updates may have introduced further refinements and advancements to Digit, elevating its capabilities beyond the scope of the latest information available.

Digit by Agility Robotics: Outstanding Diverse Industries

Purpose: Digit’s purpose is to provide a versatile, bipedal robotic platform for tasks in industries like delivery, logistics, and healthcare.

Industry Applications: Digit, developed by Agility Robotics, finds adoption in industries requiring versatile, bipedal robots. Notable sectors include delivery and logistics for last-mile services, retail for inventory management, healthcare to aid with tasks, manufacturing for assembly and handling, agriculture for labor-intensive chores, emergency services for search and rescue, and R&D. As technology advances, new applications may arise, expanding its reach and usefulness across various industries. For the latest developments, consult Agility Robotics’ official sources and industry news.

Agility Robotics Market Value: Calculating Stock Price

  • Agility Robotics has raised $179.6M over 6 rounds.
  • Agility Robotics’s latest funding round was Unattributed for $0.6M on August 14, 2023.
  • Agility Robotics’s valuation in February 2018 was $30.42M.
  • The stock price of Agility Robotics can be calculated by taking the company’s valuation divided by the number of shares outstanding. 

For illustrative purposes, however, assuming Agility Robotics has issued 250 million shares, at the estimated UpMarket valuation of $447.73 million, each share of Agility Robotics stock would be worth $1.79.

Digit By Agility Robotics: Transforming With Precision

Key Benefits: Agility Robotics’ creation, Digit, brings forth a multitude of significant advantages across diverse industries. Positioned at the forefront of enhancing operational efficiency, Digit excels in pivotal areas such as delivery, logistics, and manufacturing. Its capabilities extend to performing intricate tasks like package delivery in challenging environments and revolutionizing workflows. A noteworthy contribution lies in alleviating physical strain on human workers, particularly in labor-intensive sectors like healthcare and agriculture. Beyond efficiency, Digit catalyzes enhanced safety and precision across various settings. Moreover, its adaptability and mobility transcend industry boundaries, positioning Digit as a versatile asset with the potential to drive innovation in research and development. The ripple effect of Digit’s influence unfolds in fostering groundbreaking applications and solidifying its role as a transformative force in multiple industries.

  • Operational Efficiency: Digit, from Agility Robotics, stands as a game-changer, significantly elevating operational efficiency in diverse industries.
  • Versatility in Industries: Positioned at the forefront, Digit excels in pivotal sectors like delivery, logistics, and manufacturing, showcasing its adaptability across various industrial landscapes.
  • Intricate Task Performance: Digit’s capabilities extend to the execution of intricate tasks, particularly excelling in challenging environments during package delivery and streamlining manufacturing workflows.
  • Alleviating Physical Strain: A notable contribution of Digit is its role in mitigating physical strain on human workers, especially in labor-intensive fields such as healthcare and agriculture.
  • Enhanced Safety: Beyond efficiency, Digit serves as a catalyst for improved safety standards, ensuring a secure working environment across diverse settings.
  • Precision in Operations: Digit’s precision is a boon, revolutionizing workflows and bringing about heightened accuracy in tasks performed across different industries.
  • Adaptability and Mobility: The adaptability and mobility of Digit transcend industry boundaries, making it a versatile asset with the potential to drive innovation not only in delivery and logistics but also in research and development.
  • Transformative Force: Digit’s influence ripples across industries, fostering groundbreaking applications and solidifying its role as a transformative force, shaping the future of robotic solutions.

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Key Elements: SureFire Target audience and Timeline

Target audience: Digit’s target audience includes industries seeking versatile, mobile robots for tasks like delivery, logistics, manufacturing, and healthcare, as well as research and development applications.

Timeline: For Agility Robotics’ robot “Digit” the company itself was founded in 2015, and Digit was developed as one of its robotic products.

Agility Robotics Tech Specifications: Comprehensive Details

Here are some general technical specifications for Agility Robotics’ robot “Digit.” 

  • Height: Approximately human-sized, around 1.7 meters (5 feet 7 inches).
  • Weight: Approximately 40 kilograms (88 pounds).
  • Actuators: Electrically actuated joints and advanced sensors.
  • Mobility: Bipedal locomotion with two legs.
  • Payload Capacity: Designed to carry payloads of various sizes, potentially up to 18 kilograms (40 pounds).
  • Sensors: Equipped with cameras, LIDAR, and other environmental perception sensors.
  • Battery: Electric power source with a typical run time depending on the application.
  • Communication: Connectivity for remote operation and data exchange.

Digit: Green Tech Compliance, Safety, and Efficiency

Environmental Factors: Digit is influenced by energy efficiency, a critical factor in its environmental impact. Materials used in manufacturing play a key role in shaping Digit’s environmental footprint. Recycling potential is a consideration, emphasizing sustainability in Digit’s life cycle. Digit contributes to reducing carbon emissions, creating positive effects across diverse industries.

Regulatory Requirements: Digit must adhere to safety standards to meet stringent regulatory requirements and ensure user protection. Compliance with industry regulations is essential for Digit to operate legally and responsibly. Approval from authorities is a mandatory step for Digit to validate its regulatory compliance.

Usability: Digit’s usability includes tasks like delivery, logistics, healthcare support, and material handling in industries, improving efficiency and reducing physical strain.

Maintainability: Maintaining Digit involves periodic checks, software updates, and component replacements to ensure operational reliability, safety, and performance in various applications.

Budget: Currently, Fern estimates that Agility Robotics’ manufacturing plant, under construction in Salem, will change the production cost of early versions of Digit, like the one at DRAIL, which can currently exceed $200,000.

Robot Cost: Agility Robotics, the company behind the bipedal robot Digit, brought in $150 million 

Cost of Ownership: There’s a monthly fee of $5 to use Digit. The first 30 days are free, so you can try it out and see if you like it. Afterward, Digit will deduct $5 from your linked checking account automatically for the service. This covers the initial purchase, maintenance, software updates, and operational expenses across various industries.

Agility’s Digit: Versatile Robotics for Advanced Tasks Here

Technical Operations: Digit, developed by Agility Robotics, operates through advanced sensors and electric actuators. It’s designed for tasks like navigation, obstacle avoidance, and manipulation. Its onboard computers process sensor data to ensure balance and stability during walking and object handling. It has a wide range of motion, enabling tasks like picking up objects, walking on uneven terrain, and adjusting its position. Digit can be remotely operated and programmed to perform specific tasks, making it highly versatile for various applications.

Success Story: Agility Robotics’ robot “Digit” was making strides in the robotics industry. One success story was its collaboration with Ford, where Digit was explored for autonomous delivery applications. Digit’s use cases were diverse, including last-mile delivery, logistics, manufacturing assistance, healthcare support, and research applications. It showcased potential in reducing labor costs and increasing efficiency in these sectors. Its adaptability and mobility made it a promising solution for industries seeking versatile, human-like robots to perform various tasks in real-world scenarios. For the latest developments, consult Agility Robotics’ official sources.

Digit: Versatile Robotics for Targeted Customers Efficiency

Targeted Customers: Businesses and industries should adopt Agility Robotics’ robot “Digit” for versatile, mobile tasks in delivery, logistics, manufacturing, and healthcare. It’s ideal for companies looking to increase operational efficiency, reduce labor costs, and enhance worker safety. Moreover, research and development organizations can benefit from Digit’s adaptability and flexibility for testing new technologies. Businesses seeking automation solutions that require bipedal locomotion and human-like manipulation capabilities can find value in adopting Digit.

Competitive Products: Agility Robotics’ “Digit” faced competition from other mobile and versatile robots like Boston Dynamics’ “Spot” and “Atlas.” In various industries, these robots, especially Spot, perform tasks like inspection, data collection, and certain forms of mobility. Additionally, other industrial and collaborative robots from companies like Universal Robots, ABB, and KUKA competed in specific areas. Competition in the field of versatile robotics continues to evolve as technology advances. 

Established Year: Founded in 2015, Agility Robotics is the company behind the robot ‘Digit’

Developing Digit’s Goal: Agility Robotics strives for a groundbreaking impact on logistics, manufacturing, and construction with its revolutionary Digit robot. Meticulously crafting Digit to embody versatility, adaptability, and the ability to navigate complex environments, we infused it with human-like agility. Beyond its dynamic mobility, Digit excels in diverse tasks such as seamless package delivery, meticulous inspection, and efficient inventory management. The robot ensures safe and productive collaboration with humans, emphasizing a harmonious blend of robotic precision and human ingenuity. In essence, Agility Robotics envisions Digit as a transformative force in enhancing efficiency across industries through its innovative and collaborative robotic solutions.

Investors, Founders & Co-Founders Insight It’s Here

  • Founders & Co-Founders: Jonathan Hurst and Damion Shelton founded Agility Robotics, the company behind the “Digit” robot.
  • Investors: Agility Robotics, the company behind the bipedal robot Digit, brought in Series B financing. DCVC and Playground Global led the funding round, which also included participation from the Amazon Industrial Innovation Fund (AIIF). 

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