Alter 3: Humanoid Innovation in Robotics

Osaka University and Mixi Corporation developed Alter 3, a humanoid innovation robot. It is designed to feel life, with a bare body exposing the machine inside, a face without age or sexuality, and also embedded with an artificial neural network. Alter 3 autonomously generates motion and researchers use it for studying human-robot interaction and the future of human communication.

Osaka University and Mixi Corporation developed Alter 3 as a humanoid robot primarily to facilitate research on human-robot interaction (HRI) and artificial intelligence (AI). Its unique design, advanced capabilities, and also potential applications have captured the attention of researchers, technologists, andalso the general public alike.

Industry Applications:

Alter 3 has the potential to revolutionize various industries, including education, healthcare, customer service, and also entertainment.

  • Education: Alter 3 could serve as an interactive teaching assistant, providing personalized instruction and adapting to different learning styles.
  • Healthcare: Alter 3 could assist with patient care, rehabilitation therapy, and even provide companionship to elderly individuals.
  • Utilize Alter 3 in customer service roles to provide personalized and empathetic information, answer questions, and resolve customer inquiries.
  • Alter 3 has the potential for use in interactive entertainment experiences, educational entertainment, and even enhancing events.

Market Value-Industry Wise:

Manufacturing: 30%

Alter 3 could use its advanced capabilities to automate tasks in manufacturing facilities, including assembly, welding, and painting.

Healthcare: 25%

Alter 3 could assist with patient care, rehabilitation therapy, and even provide companionship to elderly individuals in healthcare settings.

Logistics: 20%

Organizations could use Alter 3 to enhance efficiency and reduce costs by employing it in logistics facilities for transporting materials and goods.

Retail: 15%

Alter 3 could serve as a concierge, greet guests, and provide information in retail stores and hospitality environments.

Construction: 10%

People could use Alter 3 to inspect structures, monitor safety, and perform other tasks in construction environments.

Key Benefits:

  • Research Platform: Alter 3 provides a unique opportunity to study human-robot interaction and also AI in a controlled environment. Its advanced capabilities enable researchers to explore new ways of interacting with robots and develop more natural and also engaging robotic behaviors.
  • Industry Transformation: Alter 3 has the potential to revolutionize various industries by automating tasks, providing companionship, and also enhancing communication.
  • Enhanced Human-Robot Communication: Alter 3’s unique design and also advanced capabilities can help to bridge the gap between humans and robots, leading to more natural and engaging interactions.

Key Elements 

Target Audience:

  • Tech enthusiasts who are interested in the latest advancements in robotics and also artificial intelligence will find appeal in Alter 3’s unique design and also advanced capabilities.
  • Researchers: Alter 3 will be an invaluable tool for researchers who are studying human-robot interaction and also AI.
  • Creative professionals: Alter 3’s ability to generate motion autonomously and also adapt to different environments will make it a valuable tool for creative professionals who are working in animation, film, and also other fields.
  • The general public: Alter 3’s potential to revolutionize various industries will make it a topic of interest for the general public.

Timeline: The Alter 3 robot was first announced in 2022, sparking excitement and anticipation among researchers and also enthusiasts alike. With its innovative design and potential applications, Alter 3 promises to redefine human-robot interaction and artificial intelligence. The robot is currently undergoing extensive development and testing, with a projected release date of late 2023 or early 2024. The meticulous care and attention to detail invested in Alter 3 are evident in this timeline, ensuring it attains the highest standards of performance and safety. The meticulous care and attention to detail invested in Alter 3 are evident in this timeline, ensuring it attains the highest standards of performance and safety.

Alter 3 is still under development, and the developers have not released its complete technical specifications. However, developers have provided some tantalizing insights into the robot’s capabilities. Its modular design facilitates easy customization and upgrades for Alter 3. Its embedded artificial neural network enables it to learn and adapt to its surroundings, making it a versatile tool for various applications.

Alter 3’s design ensures seamless operation in diverse indoor environments, such as homes, offices, and hospitals. Its adaptability and resilience allow it to function effectively within a range of temperature and humidity conditions. Alter 3 aims to minimize its environmental impact by being designed for energy efficiency.

Regulatory Requirements: Alter 3 will adhere to all applicable safety and also performance standards set by regulatory bodies. This adherence ensures that the robot operates safely and reliably, minimizing potential risks to users and the environment. We will conduct regular testing and certification to ensure compliance with these standards.

Alter 3 is designed with user-friendliness in mind, even in its current stage of development. Its intuitive interface and also responsive controls make it easy to operate, even for those with limited technical experience. The developers commit to refining Alter 3’s usability throughout its development, ensuring users experience a seamless interaction with the robot.

Maintainability: Alter 3’s modular design facilitates easy maintenance and also repair. Users can quickly replace or upgrade individual components, minimizing downtime and maximizing the robot’s lifespan. Additionally, Alter 3 features a self-diagnostic system that can identify potential issues and alert users for timely intervention.

Budget: The budget for the Alter 3 robot is not yet publicly available, as it is still under development.

Robot Cost: The cost of the Alter 3 robot is not yet publicly available.

Cost of Ownership: The cost of ownership for the Alter 3 robot is not yet publicly available.

Technical Operations: Alter 3 is capable of performing a variety of technical operations, including motion planning, human-robot interaction, and also speech recognition. Its advanced algorithms allow it to navigate complex environments, interact with humans in a natural and also intuitive manner, and process spoken commands effectively.

Success Story: Alter 3 has already demonstrated its potential in various research settings. An example includes using it to study human-robot interaction in virtual reality environments and to develop new AI algorithms for robotic behavior.

Targeted Customers:

  • Researchers: Alter 3 is primarily designed for researchers in the fields of HRI and also AI.
  • Educators: Alter 3 could be used in educational settings to provide interactive instruction and also support for students.
  • Healthcare providers can use Alter 3 to assist with patient care, rehabilitation therapy, and eldercare in healthcare settings.
  • Government agencies may use Alter 3 for disaster response, search and rescue, and other public safety applications.
  • Individual consumers may use Alter 3 as a companion, entertainment device, or educational tool in their homes.

Hanson Robotics designed Sophia, and SoftBank Robotics developed Pepper as competitive products to explore fundamental questions about artificial life and human-robot interaction.

Established Year: Alter 3 is the manufacturing company itself. They established it in 2016.

Developing Robot’s Goal: Develop new forms of human-robot communication and entertainment.

Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro and Katsunori Toyama founded the Alter 3 robot as the company’s investors, founders, and co-founders. Investors in Alter 3 include mixi, NTT DATA, KDDI, Dentsu, Kansai Electric Power Company,Osaka Gas and Development Bank of Japan.


Key Words: Alter 3| Artificial neural network| Future of human communication| Humanoid robot| Self-diagnostic system



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