AUBO i5: Safe, Smart Cobots Unleashed


AUBO Robotics unveils the AUBO i5 Smart Cobots Unleashed, a revolutionary collaborative robot arm reshaping industrial collaboration with humans. The lightweight design prioritizes safety, ensuring a secure work environment. Intelligent features boost efficiency, catering to businesses of all sizes with its versatility.

Smart Cobots Unleashed optimize productivity through collaborative tasks, fostering a synergistic partnership with humans. Prioritizing safety, they work alongside human workers in industrial automation. The AUBO i5, a forward-looking solution, embodies innovation, intelligence, and also adaptability, meeting diverse business needs. This cobot marks a new era where human-robot collaboration enhances efficiency and also safety in industrial settings.

The AUBO i5 serves a crucial purpose in industrial settings, aiming to automate tasks and also alleviate humans from hazardous and also monotonous work. This collaborative robot, or cobot, is a boon for businesses seeking automation, particularly in logistics and retail, promising enhanced productivity across operations.

In terms of industry applications, the AUBO i5 emerges as a valuable tool applicable to businesses of varying sizes. Its significance lies in streamlining and automating operations, contributing to increased efficiency.

The market value of collaborative robots is on a robust trajectory, projected to reach $14.5 billion globally by 2027. The AUBO i5 positions itself strategically to capture a substantial share of this burgeoning market, reflecting its relevance and also potential impact.

The AUBO i5 brings safety, efficiency, and also versatility. As a cobot, it ensures a safer work environment and also enhances efficiency. Industries seeking automation advancements find it a compelling solution.

Key Elements

AUBO i5 serves businesses of all sizes and industries, streamlining operations and boosting productivity through automation. Whether a startup or enterprise, it provides a versatile solution for efficiency. AUBO i5 proves valuable across industries, from manufacturing to services, for businesses adopting cutting-edge automation technology.

The AUBO i5’s expected 2023 release marks a pivotal moment in robotic automation. Businesses can harness its innovation to optimize processes and achieve operational excellence. The AUBO i5 aligns with evolving industry automation, offering a timely and promising solution for businesses seeking technological advancement.

Technical Specifications:

Height: 910 mm
Weight: 24 kg
Degrees of freedom: 6
Payload capacity: 5 kg
Reach: 886 mm
Environmental Factors: The AUBO i5 can operate in cleanrooms, warehouses, and factories

Regulatory Requirements:

The AUBO i5 robot mandates adherence to certain essential requirements for safety and compliance. Firstly, the robot must bear the CE mark, indicating conformity with European Union (EU) regulations and standards. This certification is crucial for affirming that the AUBO i5 complies with relevant safety and performance requirements.

Furthermore, the installation and operation of the AUBO i5 must strictly align with the comprehensive guidelines provided by the manufacturer. This ensures not only optimal performance but also mitigates potential safety risks associated with improper use.

In parallel, it is emphasized that the AUBO i5 should be equipped with appropriate safety devices. These devices play a vital role in safeguarding both the operators and the surrounding environment during the robot’s operation. Implementing these safety measures is fundamental to creating a secure working environment, aligning with regulatory standards and fostering responsible use of advanced robotic technology.


The AUBO i5 robot stands out for its user-friendly design, making it accessible and easy to operate for individuals without prior robotics experience. Its intuitive interface simplifies the programming process, allowing users to navigate and control the robot effortlessly. The inclusion of a variety of programming tools further enhances its usability, accommodating users with diverse needs and preferences. The emphasis on ease of use extends beyond conventional robotics barriers, enabling a broader audience to engage with and benefit from the AUBO i5. This commitment to user accessibility ensures that individuals, regardless of their familiarity with robotics, can efficiently program and utilize the robot for various applications. Overall, the AUBO i5’s user-centric features contribute to a seamless and inclusive experience for users entering the realm of robotics.


The AUBO i5 robot stands out for its user-friendly design, prioritizing ease of maintenance through a modular structure and integrated diagnostic tools. The Smart Cobots Unleashed modular design facilitates straightforward maintenance, allowing users to address specific components without extensive disassembly. This modularity not only simplifies repairs but also reduces downtime, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Moreover, the inclusion of built-in diagnostic tools adds a layer of intelligence to the maintenance process. These tools enable the robot to self-monitor and identify potential issues, streamlining the troubleshooting process. By providing real-time insights into its operational status, the AUBO i5 empowers users to proactively address maintenance needs, minimizing the risk of unexpected breakdowns.

In summary, the AUBO i5 robot distinguishes itself by prioritizing user convenience and operational efficiency. Its modular design and integrated diagnostic tools not only simplify maintenance tasks but also contribute to a more reliable and user-responsive robotic system.

The AUBO i5 robot starts at around $20,000

Robot Cost :
The cost of an AUBO i5 robot is approximately USD 20,000.

Cost of Ownership:
The cost of ownership for the AUBO i5 robot is estimated to be around \$20,000 per year, including the purchase price, maintenance costs, and energy costs.

Technical Operations:

The AUBO i5 robot offers operational versatility through two main interfaces: a teach pendant and various software interfaces. This flexibility enables users to choose their preferred method of control, catering to different user preferences and application requirements. The teach pendant provides a hands-on, manual approach to programming and operating the robot, while software interfaces offer more automated and programmable options.

In addition to its operational adaptability, the AUBO i5 incorporates advanced safety features. Force limiting technology ensures that the robot exerts controlled force, enhancing safety in collaborative settings. Collision detection further enhances safety by enabling the robot to sense and respond to unexpected obstacles, preventing potential accidents. These safety features collectively contribute to a secure and user-friendly robotic system, making the AUBO i5 suitable for a range of applications while prioritizing the well-being of users and the surrounding environment.

Success Story :

The integration of AUBO i5 robots proved transformative for a Chinese electronics manufacturer, resulting in a remarkable 20% increase in production efficiency and a concurrent decrease in defects. These collaborative robots, designed for precision and adaptability, played a pivotal role in streamlining manufacturing processes. By automating tasks with speed and accuracy, the AUBO i5 robots significantly enhanced the overall operational efficiency of the manufacturing line.

The 20% boost in production efficiency indicates a substantial improvement in output, reflecting the robots’ ability to work seamlessly alongside human counterparts. The reduction in defects underscores the precision and reliability of the AUBO i5 robots, contributing to higher product quality.

This success story not only highlights the technological advancements in robotics but also showcases the practical impact of integrating automation into manufacturing. The AUBO i5 robots have proven to be instrumental in not only optimizing production processes but also in elevating the overall quality standards for the Chinese electronics manufacturer.

Targeted Customers:

The AUBO i5 robots emerge as an optimal choice for customers seeking versatility and cost-effectiveness in collaborative robots. Designed to excel in various applications, these Smart Cobots Unleashed prove ideal for tasks such as pick-and-place operations, machine tending, and assembly processes. The versatility of the AUBO i5 enables it to seamlessly adapt to different manufacturing needs, offering a flexible solution for a range of industries.

Affordability is a key hallmark of the AUBO i5, making advanced robotic technology accessible to a broader customer base. The affordability factor does not compromise performance, as these robots maintain high standards in collaborative tasks. Whether it’s handling materials, tending to machines, or assembling components, the AUBO i5 stands out as a reliable and cost-efficient choice. This combination of versatility and affordability positions the AUBO i5 as a valuable asset for businesses aiming to enhance automation in their processes without compromising on budget considerations.

Competitive Products:

Competitive products for the AUBO i5 Smart Cobots Unleashed include other collaborative robots such as the Universal Robots UR10e and the Rethink Robotics Sawyer

Established Year:
AUBO i5 is manufactured by Shenzhen Aubo Robotics Co., Ltd. (AUBO Robotics), a Chinese robotics company founded in 2012

Developing Robot’s Goal:

AUBO Collaborative Robotics created the AUBO i5 Smart Cobots for safe, user-friendly, and also cost-effective collaboration across industries. This innovation prioritizes safety in human-robot collaboration. The AUBO i5 is inherently safe, enabling seamless work alongside human operators without compromising their well-being.

AUBO prioritizes ease of use to democratize robotic integration for diverse industries. Its user-friendly features streamline adoption, accommodating businesses with varying technical expertise. Affordability underscores AUBO’s commitment, making collaborative robotics economically feasible for businesses of all sizes and also promoting widespread robotic solutions across diverse industrial settings.

Founders & Co-Founders, Investors:
Dr. Zou Juping (Founder and CEO), Mr. Xu Jian (Co-Founder and COO), Mr. Zhang Jun (Co-Founder and also CTO), Sequoia Capital China,
Hillhouse Capital, Tencent and Foxconn (Investors)




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