Revolutionizing Hospitality and Healthcare with Savioke Relay

Savioke Relay is an autonomous delivery robot that can navigate through hotels, hospitals, and other public spaces to deliver items to guests or patients. It can operate elevators and avoid obstacles, and it can also be customized with different payload options to suit different needs.

Purpose: Ensuring human-robot collaboration in shared spaces.

Industry Applications: Savioke Relay robots serve hospitality (amenities, information), healthcare (medications, transport), and logistics (inventory, item transport) needs across industries.

Market Value-Industry Wise: Hospitality: Delivering items to guests.

Healthcare: Delivering medications and transporting patients.

Logistics: Transporting items and automating tasks.

Key Benefits: Savioke Relay robot benefits include efficiency, safety, customer service, cost reduction, innovation, and industry-specific advantages, enhancing business operations.

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Key Elements

Target Audience: Savioke Relay robots enhance productivity, augment staff, and improve customer satisfaction.

Timeline: Efficient, autonomous delivery and information services for hospitality, healthcare, and logistics.

Technical Specifications: Savioke Relay robots deliver goods, provide info, and help with tasks.

Environmental Factors: Savioke Relay robots are the epitome of modern service delivery.

Regulatory Requirements: Savioke Relay robots streamline operations, enhance customer service, and improve efficiency.

Usability: Savioke Relay revolutionizes business operations in hospitality, healthcare, and logistics. Embrace innovation, transform your business.

Maintainability: Savioke Relay: Empowering seamless and efficient operations in hospitality, healthcare, and logistics through innovative automated delivery solutions.

Budget: $10 million

Robot Cost: $10 million

Cost of Ownership: Savioke Relay’s 5-year ownership cost is $125,000, covering purchase, maintenance, and software updates

Technical Operations

  • Savioke Relay: A revolutionary autonomous delivery robot that seamlessly integrates into various business operations, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Success Story:  Savioke Relay, an autonomous delivery robot with sensors, is managed by skilled Engineers, ensuring performance, troubleshooting, and customization for customers.

Targeted Customers: Businesses seeking to automate repetitive tasks, enhance operational efficiency, and provide exceptional customer service.

Competitive Products: Savioke Relay competes with Serve Robotics, Kiwibot, Neolix, and Starship Technologies. To excel, it must emphasize functionality, user experience, and support.

Established Year: Relay Robotics is established in 2013.

Developing Robot’s Goal: Savioke Relay: Streamlining operations, enhancing customer satisfaction, and revolutionizing service delivery.

Company Investors, Founders & Co-Founders:


  • SoftBank Capital
  • GE Ventures
  • Amazon


  • Steve Cousins
  • Jim D’Arcy

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